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We put the spotlight on those workers helping us around the clock but often discreetly in the background. These individuals are at the heart of our city, living communities and organisations. Yet they are often overlooked or taken for granted. 

We feature shift workers of all genders, ages, cultural and religious backgrounds. Target profiles include taxi drivers, security guards, cobblers, nurses, cleaning personnel, egg vendors, etc. These are the unsung heroes who play a key role in our communities but who we often ignore or take for granted in our busy lives.


Real stories 

Authenticity is at the heart of the connections we build with our interviewees and our audience.  

Uplifting stories 

Hardship and resilience go hand in hand. Every story - however challenging - can be told in a way that inspires and brings people closer together. 

Human stories 

We portray our interviewees with dignity. We make them proud of who they are and what they stand for. 

Community events  

We organise exhibitions and fundraising events focused on social inclusion and diversity issues. Meet our interviewees and learn more about meaningful social inclusion initiatives at our next "Hong Kong Included" event.


We support NGOs and social enterprises through storytelling, events and fundraising initiatives. 

Storytelling for Good

Every month, we feature a worker from a different charity to tell their story from the ground up. At our community events, we partner up with NGOs and social enterprises to fundraise and promote their social inclusion and diversity work. We also work with them on commissioned storytelling campaigns and workshops.


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