Renovation Worker



Ho Man Tin (何文田)

9:00 - 17:00


“I’ve been a contractor for over a decade, specialising in interior renovation projects for shops and offices. All the 7-Eleven stores across Kowloon were renovated by me and my team. I studied interior design when I was younger, and for a while also took on interior projects for residential flats. I didn’t find that work very satisfying, as I came across quite a few tricky clients who kept changing their minds on what they wanted for their homes! I started working with Habitat for Humanity about 4 years ago. We work to help improve the living conditions of low-income families. I stumbled upon the organisation by chance. A friend recommended me to help out on a home repairs project back then - “Project Home Works”, and I haven’t stopped since!” 


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“For each home repairs project for Habitat for Humanity, I would visit housing estates with a team of renovation workers and a few volunteers. Many flats that we visited were in pretty shocking condition. This public housing development, Oi Man Estate, houses about 20,000 residents and is over 46 years old - with many apartments falling into disrepair. I remember on one occasion, I met an old lady who was wearing a helmet inside her own home, just to protect herself from the “snow” - the paint and cement flaking from her ceiling. The ceiling looked like it was about to collapse. Many elderly or physically disabled people live alone in public housing and have no resources or means to maintain their own homes, even when it is in such poor condition. This is where we step in to lend a hand in restoring safe, clean homes!”


  “As a kid, I was very active and naughty; I used to get scolded by my mother a lot! I guess I’m still a very active person - I enjoy football, cycling and also work out regularly at the gym. I live in Kam Tin, Yuen Long. On my days off I love to go cycling out in nature. I also have a soft spot for cars and motorbikes, and used to take part in auto racing in Malaysia. I enjoy challenges and that’s also why I love my work; I like to think of creative ways to solve problems for others. Each time we complete a home repairs project for Habitat for Humanity, the residents express their gratitude in such lovely ways. Some of them shed tears of joy, some of them try to invite us over for a home-cooked dinner. Even though they don’t have much, they wholeheartedly offer us their best. It is these touching moments that motivate me to continue to help make homes better.”