Street Cleaner
Fa (花 - “blossom”)

Lamma Island (南丫島)

13:30 - 20:30  


“This has been my job for more than ten years. I sweep the streets, clear the walking trails and collect rubbish on the island of Lamma. There is such a wonderful community here; people are friendly, kind and we look after each other. I am originally from Shanwei (汕尾), but have lived in Hong Kong for several decades now. I grew up in a family of farmers. My whole family, including me and my seven siblings, lived together in a tiny house on the farm. Even though we didn’t have much and life was very simple, we were very happy. Being on Lamma gives me that feeling of being home.” 

我做咗呢份清潔工作十幾年。我負責打掃街道,清理山路,喺南丫島收集垃圾。呢度個社區好好, 啲人好友善,我哋會互相照顧。我來自汕尾,但喺香港已經生活咗幾十年。我屋企耕田 。我以前成家人包括我同七個兄弟姐妹一齊住 喺田地上一間細屋仔度。雖然我哋乜都冇,生活好簡單,但係我哋都好開心。南丫島俾   種屋企嘅感覺我

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“This is generally quite a clean island, although we have a lot of extra work after a typhoon or big storm. I don’t find the job itself to be too tough or tiring, and I love to live and work on Lamma. Although during the midsummer days it can get so hot and unbearable. Sometimes I go into the public library to take a little breather - they have aircon there. I am illiterate so I cannot read. Before taking on this job, I used to work as a cleaner in a kindergarten. I can’t speak any English, so I couldn’t communicate much verbally with the little kids there. However despite the language barrier, I think we still had a wonderful connection - they seemed to like me a lot.” 

個島都算乾淨, 不過打完風之後我哋就 好多 做。呢份工 唔算 太辛苦。我好鍾意 喺南丫島度住同 。不過夏天 嘅時候 大熱天時真係會幾辛苦。有時候我會去圖書館休息一下, 因為 度有冷氣。我 識字, 所以 識睇書。做呢份工之前, 喺幼兒園做過清潔工。 識講英文, 所以 識同啲小朋友用語言溝通。不過我哋都好有默契, 佢哋好似幾鍾意


“I moved to Hong Kong to join my husband. I was introduced to him by family friends, and had a great impression of him the first time we met. To me, he is a handsome and kindhearted man. I am very happily married. Do we fight? Of course! It would be abnormal and strange for couples to not bicker and argue sometimes, but then you just forgive and forget. I would say I am a positive person. I think the most important thing in life is to be happy - don’t you think?”

我嗰時搬嚟香港係同我丈夫會合。佢係親戚朋友介紹嘅,我哋第一次見面,我就已經對佢印象好好。對我嚟講,佢係一個又英俊又善良嘅人。我結咗婚咁耐都好開心。我哋有冇嗌交?當然有啦!有邊對夫妻唔嗌交㗎,不過好快就會唔記得同原諒大家。我會話我自己係一個樂觀嘅人。做人最緊要開心 - 你話係唔係呀?