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Shifting Hong Kong: Fantastic Dream

Shifting Hong Kong is a series of short articles by Hong Kong Shifts. The aim is to shine the spotlight on the city’s NGOs, charities and other organisations focusing on social inclusion initiatives and working to support Hong Kong’s most vulnerable social groups. This week we are sharing our perspectives on Fantastic Dream.


What they do

Fantastic Dream is all about leveraging internet culture to upskill and empower young people. They provide technical training on gaming, video production, social media and encourage youngsters to engage and create. Additionally, they offer workshops about internet culture to parents and teachers as a way to facilitate communication and understanding between them and the younger generation. 


The Fantastic Dream studios are tucked away in an old building in Yuen Long, a charming neighbourhood filled with local boutiques and traditional craft. We were welcomed into the space by the tech-savvy all-male team, and saw a space filled with musical instruments, technical equipment, sound systems, computers, video equipment, microphones - you name it!  

What we loved 

  1. Online to offline - While gaming is a large part of what they do, Fantastic Dream is not all about staying on screen. Their aim is to use the internet platform as a way to form a network and then mobilise them to engage with the community through activities, interviews and volunteer work. 

  2. Intergenerational - Apart from focusing on youths, a part of Fantastic Dream’s work is to educate and engage people from the older generations to understand and experience modern online culture, as a way to break down communication and intergenerational barriers.  

  3. Channelling internet culture - Being online is an inevitable part of young people’s lives and Fantastic Dream’s goal is to leverage this and transform it into a positive, creative force. Youngsters are motivated to think outside of the box, whether it be through their creative productions or in their career path. 

Something extra 

Fantastic Dream offers support and training on film production, encouraging students to let their imagination run wild through the use of creative elements, sound and graphics. We took a sneak peak in their recording room which was piled high with fun props, lights and equipment for students to experiment with. 

How you can help

Find out more about what they do by attending some of their workshops and activities. If you would like to make a donation to support their programmes, please do so here. Finally, read the engaging story of Kit, Fantastic Dream’s Project Manager, and share it with your friends and contacts to promote their great work!

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