Storytelling with Purpose 


Behind every success story is a team of humans working together with passion, purpose and dedication. In an increasingly technology-driven work environment, human-centric storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your people, promote a caring and inclusive work environment and engage with your clients and community partners.

We work with corporates to amplify their ESG initiatives through creative and authentic human-centred storytelling. We combine this with our strong community focus to connect, foster empathy and drive engagement. Every organisation is unique and we tailor our services to the specific needs of your organisation.   

Our services include:  

Storytelling campaigns. We design and roll-out internal and external storytelling campaigns putting the spotlight on your people, your clients or your community partners. We support your ESG initiatives, in particular, those focusing on sustainability, social inclusion and diversity, mental health and community engagement.  

Workshops. We offer fun, engaging and collaborative storytelling workshops on the themes of social inclusion and diversity, empathy and connection as well as community engagement. Our workshops are tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. We leverage our community project to involve guest speakers from the social or NGO sector.

Community pop-ups. We organise pop-up exhibitions in your offices, communal areas and meeting rooms to display our community stories and raise awareness around social inclusion and community engagement. Our portfolio includes 60+ stories featuring shift workers from all around Hong Kong, including a selection of NGO stories. 

Community networking events. We organise community and networking events in partnership with NGOs and corporates.  


Why work with us?


Work with us to tell your story in an authentic way to inspire and mobilise. 


We work creatively to surprise and engage your employees, clients and partners. 

Community focused 

We leverage our community brand to boost the effectiveness of your campaign. 


We create partnership opportunities between corporates, NGOs and the community. 

Cost effective

We are an agile team and find ways to work efficiently. 


Work with us to support our growing community project. 

We work creatively. From organisational storytelling to events collaboration - let's work together!  

Thank you for your trust!