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Care Home Nurse


​Kam (琴 - “lyre”)  

“I joined Helping Hand as an enrolled nurse in 1988. I’m responsible for checking the health conditions of our residents (...)

Construction Traffic Controller


​Yu (如)  

“I work on a construction site but I am not building anything...I manage the traffic coming in and out of the site! (...)

​ NGO stories​


 Check out our latest NGO stories, learn more about their work and get involved! 

Styrofoam Box Collector


​Tsan (珍 - “cherish”)  

“I collect and sort all the used styrofoam boxes and stack them up neatly so that they are ready for the recycling trucks. (...)

Aircon Technician


​Chung (聰 - “clever”)   

“I have been maintaining and repairing aircons for over 20 years. I’ve done many different things over the course of my career (...)



“This shop has been around for over 100 years. I am a third generation carpenter running this shop. My grandfather started the workshop to make wooden ship pulleys for boats and cargo ships.(...)

Yacht Worker


​Wah (華 - “magnificent”)

“I look after a fleet of sailing boats for a group of sailors, but I also work privately for my boss - whom I’ve been working with for over 40 years. He bought his sailing boat in 1948; it’s as old as I am! (...)

Bar Manager​

Tife (Boluwatife - “God’s will”)​ 

“I’m from Nigeria, and came to Hong Kong in 2020 as I got a scholarship to do a Masters degree in International Banking and Finance. My first impression of the city was that everything is so tiny!

Golf Cart Mechanic

Yin (然 - “nature”)  

“There are only 500 golf carts on Discovery Bay, and I run one of the two shops where you can get them repaired. So you can imagine that I’m quite busy! (...)

Noon Day Gunner



“Have you noticed the sound of a gun going off every day in the city at noon? I’m the guy firing it! I was part of the Royal Hong Kong Regiment back in the Nineties, so I know a thing or two about artillery (...)

Rubbish Collector

Ho (豪 - “pride”)  

“For the past nine years, I have been cleaning up rubbish at the Discovery Bay Plaza. I do the same route three times during my shift, emptying the fifteen big bins (...) 

​Cafe Assistant



“I love so much to come into work. I have been working here at The Nest for 7 years and I never get bored. I help to prepare food and serve customers. It is usually busiest during lunchtime. (...)

Convenience Store Cashier


Man (敏 - “nimble”)

“As people are just getting into bed, I’m starting my night shift stocking the shelves, clearing up expired goods and manning the cashier. I also like to keep the store clean and tidy. (...)

Cooked Food Center Operator



“It’s packed here every day - expats and locals come to have a good time, 7 days a week! We’re a bit of an institution and are known for our signature dishes (...) 

Boat Operator


Yiu (耀 - “brilliant”)

“I’m a native of Po Toi O, born and bred here! There are only about 30-40 residents in the village, so it’s easy to get to know them all. Growing up, there was no water, no electricity (...) 

Golf Ball Seller


Mui (妹 - “little sister”)  

“I sell my basket of golf balls at my little stall in front of my house every day. The golf balls often fly all the way over here from that big golf course in Clearwater Bay! (...)

Buffalo Whisperer



“I’ve been looking after the buffalos scattered across South Lantau for 15 years. Every day, I drive my car to different spots to visit the buffalos. (...)

Renovation Worker



“I’ve been a contractor for over a decade, specialising in interior renovation projects for shops and offices. (...)



Dominique Chan  

“I am an artist based in Kat O, which is pretty much at the edge of Hong Kong and one of the most remote islands. There are fewer than 50 residents here and I am the only foreigner! (...)

Behind the Artist


“I’m a native of Kat O, the charming island at the cusp of Hong Kong. Growing up, there were over 6000 residents - there are now just about 50! (...) 

Flight Attendant



“I’ve been a flight attendant for over 20 years. Even after two decades, I still feel proud every time I put on my uniform. It makes things easier as well, as I don’t have to think about what to wear! (...)

Fenwick Pier Receptionist



“I started working as a receptionist at the Fenwick Pier 42 years ago, since the seventies. The big ships from the US would sail in carrying thousands of sailors and they would all congregate here. (...)

Newspaper Printing Operator 


Kiu (僑)  

“While most people in Hong Kong are sleeping, I am here with the team printing up to 25,000 copies of newspapers, which then get distributed across the city. I’ve been working in the newspaper printing industry for 24 years (...)

​Warehouse Recycling Worker


Mr Leung (梁先生)

“People don’t tend to give soap much thought. Here we collect unused soap from hotels, then sort and recycle them to distribute to those in need. (...)

Seafarer Trainee

​ 海員實習生


“I’m 21 years old and I’m a trainee on this 364m long cargo ship, assisting with the operations, mooring and maintenance on board. I work with 23 other crew members (...)

Office Lobby Receptionist



“I’ve been working as a receptionist at this office building for over five years. I get in bright and early in the morning to greet and register guests, liaise with the offices (...) 

Seafarer Third Officer



“I am one of the 23 crew members on this massive cargo ship and have been working on ships for over 3 years. My role as a third officer revolves around navigation and making sure that we are cruising safely at sea (...)

Rice Dumpling Maker


Yuk (玉 - “jade”)  

“I’ve been working here at this local food stall for over 30 years. Every year, for two months before the Dragon Boat Festival, I am here busy making the festive rice dumplings all day. A lot of care goes into these dumplings (...) 

Foreign Domestic Worker



“I’ve been working in Hong Kong as a domestic worker for over 24 years. I landed in this city when I was 22 years old, without really knowing what to expect. Back in the Philippines, I was a hospital nurse (...) 

Charity Worker 


Lik (“力” - strength)   

“I’ve been working with ImpactHK for 11 months. I’m responsible for buying supplies and groceries for the organisation every day, which we then sort and package for distribution to the homeless.   

Clementine Grower


Sing (成 - “accomplish”) 

“I’ve been a farmer for over 40 years. My family has been farming on this plot of land since I was a kid, so I have been helping out on a farm from a very young age. Back then we also planted all sorts of vegetables, orchids and chrysanthemums. (...)

Taxi Driver


Cheung (“祥” - auspicious) 

“I have been a taxi driver for 22 years. My dad was a taxi driver as well, so I just followed his footsteps. Back in the booming days I would work from 3am to 9pm! (...) 

Cardboard Collector


Ho (好 - "good") 

“I’ve been collecting cardboard around the Pei Ho Street market for almost a year now - I pick up used cardboard boxes, flatten them, and pile it all on to my trolley. (...) 

Street Cleaner


Fong (芳 - “fragrant") 

“I start work bright and early and follow our assigned routes to collect rubbish on the streets every day. I empty the bins, sweep up leaves and take everything with my trolley to the refuse centres. (...)

Star Ferry Sailor

天星小輪水 手

Fai ( 輝- “glory”) 

“I am proud to have worked here as a sailor for 16 years. The Star Ferry is over 120 years old and has been with so many generations of HongKongers. I travel back and forth from TST to Central every day (...)

Elderly Home Carer​



 “I work as a volunteer at an elderly care home. As an asylum seeker, I have no right to work in Hong Kong, so I spend my time volunteering. I take care of three elderly people (...)

Harbour Cleaner


Tsing (清 - “clear”) 

“We are lucky to be surrounded by water in Hong Kong, but people still like to throw rubbish into the sea every day. My job is to clean up the harbour. (...)  

Sampan Boatperson


Ling (玲 - “chiming of jade pendants”) 

“I’ve been driving this sampan for 25 years - transporting people across the harbour, to their yachts, houseboats, to different piers. I get up at 5am every morning to make breakfast and pack my lunch. (...)

Convenience Stall Vendor


Hong ( 康 - "healthy") 

“I have been working as a street vendor at this same spot for 53 years, since I was 12 years old. Back then my mum started off selling milk tea and coffee in the 60’s, and I would come help her out. (...) 

Tram Motorman


Chung - (忠 - "loyalty")  

“Twenty-one years ago, I saw a recruitment ad in the newspaper for a tram motorman. What caught my eye were the words “no licence required” - so I decided to give it a go. (...)

Taxi Seat Upholsterer


Kwun (坤 - "earth") 

“I have been a taxi upholsterer for over 50 years. I’m originally from Zhongshan (中山), but moved to Hong Kong with my parents when I was 17 years old. I didn’t really know what to do back then, so I just decided to learn a trade. (...)

Truck Driver​


Sing (成 - “accomplish”)


 “Rain or shine, I drive the FeedingHK truck around the city to deliver food parcels to those in need in Hong Kong. (...) .

Egg Vendor


Hung (雄 - “hero”) 

“I grew up in Happy Valley. I’ve been living here and selling eggs since I was 10 years old and it’s been over 40 years now. My family used to live in the Jockey Club staff accommodation on Blue Pool Road (...)

Street Cleaner


Fa (花 - “blossom”) 

"This has been my job for more than ten years. I sweep the streets, clear the walking trails and collect rubbish on the island of Lamma. There is such a wonderful community here; people are friendly, kind and we look after each other. (...)

Public Toilet Cleaner


Ming (明 - "clear, bright")  

“I moved to Lamma in 1963 and have been working as a toilet cleaner here for over twenty years. Before that, I used to work and live on Hong Kong island. (...)

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