Storytelling for Good 

NGOs and social enterprises.

There are hundreds of NGOs in Hong Kong working on the ground every day to make a difference. Many have limited time or resources to tell their own story and amplify their mission through effective communication. That’s why we work with NGOs and social enterprises to share their stories through the lens of their people - to engage, build empathy and inspire a call to action in the wider community.

We partner up with NGOs and social enterprises to support their cause through original marketing strategies combining human-centred storytelling with creative community and corporate engagement strategies. We find creative ways to surprise your target audience and drive engagement. Every organisation is unique and we tailor our services to the needs of your organisation. Our services include:

Feature stories.  We feature your NGO as part of our community project to raise awareness and tell your story from a different perspective.

Field trip articles.  We visit your premises, meet your staff and offer a "behind the scenes" perspective through a series of short articles, with a summary of what you do, what we love about your organisation and how people can get involved.  

Storytelling campaigns.  We design and roll-out human-centred storytelling campaigns to amplify your mission, connect with your stakeholders and inspire the community to join and support your cause. 

Corporate exposure.  We give visibility to your organisation through pop-up campaigns, workshops and corporate partnerships. 

Community events. We organise community and charity events to promote your social inclusion work, connect you with a new audience and increase your community reach.    

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