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Shifting Hong Kong is a series of short articles by Hong Kong Shifts. The aim is to shine the spotlight on the city’s NGOs, charities and other organisations focussing on social inclusion initiatives and working to support Hong Kong’s most vulnerable social groups. We are kicking off this week with our perspectives on FeedingHK.


What they do

FeedingHK is a local charity on a mission to collect and connect surplus, quality food with those communities most in need in Hong Kong. They work tirelessly to fight hunger, reduce food waste and declutter our city’s overflowing landfills. Every day, FeedingHK works with restaurants, food suppliers and manufacturers to collect and distribute food through an impressive network of local charities - bringing food supplies directly to Hong Kong’s most vulnerable and underprivileged individuals and families.


We ventured to Yau Tong, an old industrial area in Southeast Kowloon. FeedingHK is nestled within one of the many warehouses surrounded by old factory buildings, garages and metal recycling fields. The area is, to put it quite bluntly, rather grey, bleak and uninspiring. We were, however, transported to a different world when we stepped foot in the colourful FeedingHK office. We loved the happy, relaxed atmosphere and the bright, airy space - people were working hard but also seemed to be enjoying themselves. We met with lovely Joyce Cheng and Mandy Ma from the team who showed us around the warehouse, and of course the inspiring and friendly CEO of FeedingHK, Gabrielle Kirstein. 

What we loved 

  1. The amazingly well-organised and spacious warehouse filled with rows upon rows of dried food stock, crates of excess airplane meals and a massive walk-in fridge filled with fresh produce - all ready to be sorted and transported across the city to feed Hong Kong. 

  2. Their friendly, engaging and passionate team. When people love what they do and are fully aligned with the purpose of their work, it really shines through. 

  3. The organisation’s clear roadmap to close the very obvious loop between connecting excess food with those most in need, with the added tangential benefits of reducing food waste and protecting our environment in a sustainable way. It’s one thing to spot a blatant social issue, quite another to take effective and efficient action to tackle it.

Behind the scenes 

We were lucky to have visited at a time when a team of volunteers were boxing emergency food parcels for the communities most exposed and vulnerable to the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Heads-down, full focus, no banter, hands moving at the speed of light - everyone was working super efficiently and passionately with the united purpose to help feed Hong Kong. That snapshot pulled at our heartstrings. 

How you can help

Get hands-on and sign up to one of FeedingHK’s many volunteer sessions or make a donationRead our story of Sing, Feeding's Hong Kong truck driver and share it with your friends on facebook or instagram.

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