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Shifting Hong Kong: Golden Age Foundation

Shifting Hong Kong is a series of short articles by Hong Kong Shifts. The aim is to shine the spotlight on the city’s NGOs, charities and other organisations focusing on social inclusion initiatives and working to support Hong Kong’s most vulnerable social groups. This week we are sharing our perspectives on the Golden Age Foundation. 

What they do

Golden Age Foundation is all about empowering the (you’ve got it) Golden Age generation (aged 45+) through social innovation projects and community engagement programmes. The organisation’s mission is to create a smart-aging city and empower Golden Agers to create social impact. Hong Kong boasts the highest life expectancy in the world and it should come as no surprise that our aging population needs to be taken care of. 


The Golden Age Foundation office is nestled in an office building in Wanchai. We were greeted by the friendly team and shown around the spacious open plan workspaces. The offices overlook the busy Gloucester Road, right in the hustle and bustle of the city. 


What we loved 

  1. Bridging communities - Golden Age Foundation’s members come from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds; from ex top executives from large corporations to residents from the grassroots community. The organisation’s projects build bridges to create new synergies. 

  2. Golden Age Fellows - A cross-sector and collaborative platform for Golden Agers (aged 45+) to turn their passion and innovative ideas into feasible plans and actions.  Golden Age Fellows can co-create new ideas and initiate good practices to drive positive change continuously in the wider community. Who says that learning stops at a certain age?

  3. Amplifying impact - From climate change to combating poverty to building business for good, golden agers are encouraged to become changemakers in their own communities using the skills and knowledge that they have acquired to create a positive ripple effect. 

Something extra 

Even though Golden Age serves the aging community, there are a number of young, dynamic members in the team. This reflects the organisation’s mission to break down inter-generational stereotypes and to foster collaboration and innovation across all ages. 

How you can help

Find out more about Golden Age Foundation’s mission and programmes here. If you know someone who is stepping into their retirement phase, perhaps encourage them to get involved! Finally, read the story of Gary, Golden Age’s Assistant Manager of Innovation Programmes, and share it with your friends and contacts to promote their great work!

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