Harbour Cleaner


Tsing (清 - “clear”)

Aberdeen (香港仔)

07:30 - 13:30


“We are lucky to be surrounded by water in Hong Kong, but people still like to throw rubbish into the sea every day. My job is to clean up the harbour. This work is outsourced by the government and there are about 7 or 8 boats around here doing the same. All the floating plastic bags, plastic bottles, bags of garbage and planks of wood...I go around every morning on my fishing boat to clean it all up. At the end of the day, a big boat comes by to collect all the rubbish from me and takes it to one of the landfills. I am 78 years old but I want to keep working - I like being at sea and I don’t want to get bored.”

「我哋喺香港好好彩,有個海圍住,但啲人都係鍾意日日揼垃圾落個海度。我份工係負責撈垃圾,呢個係政府外判職位,有大約七八隻船喺呢度做啦。嗰啲浮浮下嘅膠袋、膠樽呀、一袋袋垃圾同埋木頭,我每朝都會開隻艇去撈起佢地。到夜啲,有隻大船會嚟收我啲垃圾,運去堆填區。我今年78歲喇,不過我想繼續做,我鍾意喺個海度, 同埋我唔想咁悶嘛。」

Odoo • Image and Text

“I have lived on or near the sea my entire life. I was born into a family of fishermen on Po Toi Island (蒲台島). Have you been? It is a beautiful little island. We’ve been fishing for generations, so I am really familiar with the sea. I had eight siblings and I am the eldest. I didn’t have time to look after or play with my younger siblings. I was already working as a fisherman from the age of 12, so it was every man for himself!” 



“During my down time, I am usually repairing fishing nets. When I am not fishing for rubbish I like to do some proper fishing - red snapper, threadfin, grouper….Squid fishing is fun too. Afterwards you can make deep fried salt and pepper squid. They make it best on Po Toi Island, of course.”