Kiu (僑)

Tai Po (大埔)

20:00 - 04:00​

 “While most people in Hong Kong are sleeping, I am here with the team printing up to 25,000 copies of newspapers, which then get distributed across the city. I’ve been working in the newspaper printing industry for 24 years. I operate and maintain the machines and oversee the printing process. We print different newspapers, including the South China Morning Post and the New York Times. The printing begins at around midnight, and continues into the early hours of the morning. We first need to get the right colour swatches for the prints and ensure that these are correctly applied and aligned. The text and images are then etched onto thin aluminium plates, which are transferred onto newsprint paper through offset printing. These huge rolls of paper are fed into big machines and then the production line starts. From the printing to creasing to folding to assembling - each stage works seamlessly together!” 


“When I was a teenager, I actually wanted to become a pastry chef. But at age 16, I was too young to apply for a job at a patisserie. The printing industry was booming at the time and had lots of jobs on offer, so I ended up going to community college to learn the printing trade. I find my work very fulfilling as it allows me to be creative - it’s so satisfying to see colours and visual effects turn out beautifully on a newspaper spread. Even though during the week I don’t get to see my family much, I still enjoy coming in to work to see the good friends that I have made over the years! Some of the most memorable experiences at work are times of huge global events. The one that is etched in my memory is 911; the enormity of the news meant that we had to stop the printing process and work across teams to get the latest news to the public. Things were happening so quickly it felt like a blur, but it was rewarding to pull something through together as a team. Through my work I am exposed to current affairs and also the newest printing techniques and technology - after over two decades I am still constantly learning!”

“In the early years of my career, I made a few mistakes and upset my boss with my poor attitude. To this day, I am still really impressed with the way he dealt with me - instead of yelling at me or assigning blame, he patiently explained the situation to me and educated me so that I could do better. He really gained my respect and, from that moment on, I was more aware of my attitude towards work and towards others. We all make mistakes - the important thing is to see them as learning opportunities and to grow from them. I have Fridays off, which is when I practise my photography and go to the cinema. I also spend time with my wife and two kids. I’m quite a simple guy. I have a good relationship with my family, kids and a job that I find fulfilling. So, yes, I would say that I am happy and content!”



​​ 「細個嗰陣,其實我想成為一個糕點師傅。但係我得16歲,唔夠歲數去餅舖打工。嗰時印刷業好蓬勃,有好多空缺,所以我就去咗工業學院學印刷。我好滿意自己嘅工作,因為佢可以俾我發揮創意,見到一大張報紙上面有咁好睇嘅顏色同排版,係幾有滿足感㗎。雖然一個禮拜裏面我見唔到屋企人幾多次,但係我仍然好享受返到嚟開工,可以見到一班識咗咁多年嘅老朋友!其中最難忘嘅時刻就係嗰啲國際大事件囉,好深刻記得嘅就係九一一,嗰時大件事到我哋要停哂所有印緊嘅嘢,集齊所有部門嘅同事將最新嘅資訊發放俾公眾。所有嘢都發生得好快,諗返起有啲模糊,但係好慶幸能夠一班人齊心合力搞掂佢。平時做嘢我會睇到好多時事,亦都會接觸到最新嘅印刷技巧同埋技術,做咗呢行廿年有多,我仍然喺度學緊嘢㗎 !」



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