Public Toilet Cleaner
Ming (“明” - clear, bright)

Lamma Island (南丫島)

09:00 - 18:00


“I moved to Lamma in 1963 and have been working as a toilet cleaner here for over twenty years. Before that, I used to work and live on Hong Kong island. I did odd jobs here and there. I spent time working in various kitchens at Chinese restaurants but I never really held down a job for too long; I hopped around a lot. I am in my seventies now, so I think I’ll be staying put here.”    

我1963年搬咗嚟南丫島,喺度做廁所清潔工作已經有20幾年。我之前曾經喺香港島工作同生活。我都係做散工。我喺啲中餐館度做廚房工,但係我冇乜做過長工。周圍去。我 七十幾,所以會留喺呢度。
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“This public washroom is very close to the ferry pier, so it gets busy when the ferries come and go. I try to keep the place clean, but sometimes people have bad digestion...they can’t really help it. Sometimes I sit outside to get some fresh air and read the newspaper. It cannot be good for anyone to be sitting in a washroom all day - there is a lot of bacteria. This job is OK and not too strenuous. When I get tired I can even take a nap."   

「  呢個廁所好近渡輪碼頭,所以啲船上落時特別忙。我儘量保持環境清潔,不過有時啲人消化唔好...都冇辦法㗎。有時我會喺外面坐吓呼吸吓新鮮空氣,睇吓報紙。成日坐喺洗手間都唔好 - 好多菌。呢份工作算 OK,唔會太辛苦。當我攰嗰陣, 我會喺度瞓吓覺。」  



“I have a few chats here and there - generally people greet me when they come and go. Nothing too exciting happens here. Although I remember a few years ago, there was an incident with a teenager who came by. It was clear that he was high on drugs - maybe ketamine, I don’t know. He stumbled, fainted and rolled down the stairs here. He was badly injured and the police came to arrest him. I’m not sure what happened to him, but I’m pretty sure he was on drugs. What’s my name? Some people call me Ming (  ), others call me Fai (  ) - I don’t care, you can call me whatever you want!

有時啲人會同我傾偈, 打吓招呼。呢度冇 乜特別 嘢發生。不過好幾年前,有個十幾歲嘅細路 喺度暈 咗。佢應該有吸毒 - 我唔知K仔定咩。佢 咗, 跌 喺度 咗落樓梯受重傷。跟住俾警察拉咗。我唔知佢之後點樣。我點稱呼?有 人叫我 呀明 ,有人叫我 呀輝 - 我唔理,你鍾意叫我乜都得!