Kwai Hing (貴興 - “noble, to flourish”)

Barber (理髮師)

Central (中環)

8:30-17:30 (9 hours)

“I came to Hong Kong from Guangdong in 1949, right after the Chinese Revolution. I was only 16 years old and I travelled alone. When I arrived in Hong Kong the population here was about 800,000. Now it is more than 7 million. Do you know how much it used to cost to take the ferry from Yau Ma Tei to Central back then? 1.5 cents.” 


“Before I started this job, I worked as a barber on a cruise ship for a couple of years. I travelled to many countries - Japan, South America, Singapore, South Africa, to name a few. I have been working here at the Mandarin Oriental since 1967, the year of the Hong Kong riots. I enjoy coming in to work. Some clients have been with me for several decades. Over the years, I have serviced a few famous people - some Hong Kong tycoons, even politicians and presidents of the United States and their spouses - the Kissingers, the Bushes.”

「我做呢份工之前喺遊輪度做過兩年, 去咗好多地方 - 日本,南美洲,新加坡,南非等....我 1967 年開始喺文華酒店度做,係香港暴動嗰年。我好鍾意返工。有啲客跟咗我幾十年。我咁多年嚟都見過唔少明人,有啲香港大享啦,幾個美國政治家、總統同佢哋啲太太 - 好似 Kissingers 呀同布殊咁。」


“I’ve actually already formally retired, but I now have an arrangement where I come in to work twice a week. I am 87 years old but I still want to keep working because I like my job. I have not found work to be too stressful. On weekends I used to play football in Victoria Park with my colleagues and friends. It was still before they reclaimed all that land - we watched as the Victoria Harbour got filled up. Oh, I am also a Tai Chi master champion. But that was more than ten years ago.” 



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