Yiu (耀 - “brilliant”)

Boat Operator (船家)

Po Toi O (布袋澳)

10:00-18:00 (8 hours)

“I’m a native of Po Toi O, born and bred here! There are only about 30-40 residents in the village, so it’s easy to get to know them all. Growing up, there was no water, no electricity and no telephone - not even a minibus to get to the main roads! So we had to get in and out by boat. I am a boat operator and work on my own schedule, taking people around the area to go on fishing trips and beach days out. I also love to fish - I come from a family of 9 generations of fishermen after all! My wife and I both grew up in Po Toi O and have known and played with each other since we were kids. All the kids used to gather and play together in the village. But I have far fewer friends around these days. Some of them have passed away and others have moved abroad. I still play Mahjong with some of the other villagers though - it’s a nice change from fishing!”


“My wife and I moved out into this floating house at the edge of Po Toi O a few years ago. We love it here - it’s so peaceful and quiet, and we sleep so well at night. I built the house all by myself. It’s hard work but also very satisfying to create something that you learned to do from scratch. When we get older we’ll probably move back on land, as it will be more challenging for us to do all the maintenance work. But for now, we are very happy here. Many years ago, I worked at the Clearwater Bay Country Club as a gardener - mowing the green lawns and maintaining the golf course. From there, I became a private yacht driver for over 20 years. That job gave me the opportunity to travel all around the world - Australia, Maldives, the Philippines…it was such a fantastic experience and took me from my little fishing village to all corners of the world!”



“I’m 70 years old. Some people tell me that I look quite young for my age and ask me what my secret is. I don’t have one! I eat everything - soda, milk tea, sweets - cholesterol, no cholesterol, I don’t care. I’m blessed so far with a healthy body and mind. I guess it helps to be easygoing and positive. I have three daughters and one son. They’ve all moved out of the village but we are all still very close. I’m not one of those strict traditional Chinese fathers. I’m pretty relaxed and like to have open conversations with them. I also have some adorable grandchildren that I can play with. They can all swim now - like me, they love the water too!”

「我今年70歲。有啲人話我個樣唔似咁大,問我有咩秘訣。我冇㗎 !我咩都食,汽水呀、奶茶、糖、膽固醇、冇膽固醇,我唔理㗎。我好幸運到而家個身體同個腦都仲幾健康。我諗個人輕鬆同埋樂觀啲都有關嘅。我有三個囡一個囝,佢哋全部都搬哂出去囉,不過我哋感情仲好好。我唔係傳統華人嗰種嚴父。我都幾輕鬆,鍾意同佢哋傾吓計。我仲有幾粒好可愛嘅孫,有得俾我玩吓。佢哋而家全部都識游水㗎喇,同我一樣鍾意個海嘛﹗」


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