Cooked Food Centre Operator (熟食中心老闆)

North Point (北角)

17:00-02:00 (9 hours)

“It’s packed here every day - expats and locals come to have a good time, 7 days a week! We’re a bit of an institution and are known for our signature dishes - like the garlic chicken and razor clams, but most of all people come to see me. They come to let loose and have fun. I started this restaurant 30 years ago with a few friends. Over the years I’ve made a lot of good friends, both in the neighbourhood and all over the world. Before this I worked for many years in the F&B industry - restaurants, discos, hotels…and before that I was an actor. I love to perform and I even got an award for best supporting actor! That was many years ago now.”

「呢度日日都好旺場,外國人同本地人都鍾意嚟呢度開心吓,我哋一個禮拜做足七日!我哋都算有啲名氣,有啲招牌菜式,好似係風沙雞同炒蟶子咁,不過好多人嚟呢度都係想見到我。佢哋鍾意嚟放鬆吓玩吓。我30年前同幾個朋友開咗呢個小館。咁多年來我識到好多好朋友,有喺呢個區嘅街坊,都有嚟自世界各地嘅人。開呢度之前我喺飲食業做咗好多年,西餐廳、的士高、酒店……再之前我仲做過演員。我好鍾意表演,仲有過最佳男配角提名㗎 !係好多年前嘅事喇。」

“I’ve seen many things over the years and learned a lot by trial and error. When you first start a business or start in a new industry, you will no doubt run into roadblocks and make lots of mistakes. But that’s how you learn. No mistakes, no learning. I’m lucky to have some great partners running this with me - we met many years ago working in the F&B industry and are like brothers. The pandemic was tough for us; I sold all my properties to try and keep it going. It is stressful but this is a very special place and I want to continue to bring happiness to Hong Kong people, and to keep dancing!” 



“I’m still a performer and entertainer at heart, so you’ll often see me doing the splits or doing the moonwalk as I’m working. I work hard but I play even harder. I love to dance and I love to laugh; it makes me happy and it makes people around me happy. Why make things boring when it can be fun? By the way, what do you think of my outfit? I customised the boots myself - they look much better like this. It’s so trendy, it’s almost French style. I’m turning 60 next year but I’m still young at heart. Having dabbled in show business I have quite a few celebrity friends…and they come here to support me too. I love music, especially the oldies. That’s why I always have the hits playing at the restaurant. Leslie Chueng is a legend and my favourite. Wait, you need to see me open a beer bottle with a single chopstick - it’s my signature trick!” 



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