Cafe Assistant (咖啡室助理)  

The Nest

13:00 - 17:00

“I love so much to come into work. I have been working here for 7 years and I never get bored. I help to prepare food and serve customers. It is usually busiest during lunchtime. Some of my regular customers come in every day just to see me. They come in to chat with me and I enjoy it very much. It is small and cosy here, like a matchbox!” 

  「我真係好鍾意返工㗎。我喺度做咗七年喇, 不過都唔會覺得悶。我負責幫手準備食物同埋照顧客人。通常午飯時間係最忙嘅。有啲熟客會日日特登過嚟搵我。佢哋嚟同我傾吓偈咁,我都好開心。呢度地方好細, 好溫暖,好似火柴盒咁!」


 “I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I live with my parents and we are very close and care about each other a lot. I like to cook with my mother - she is an excellent cook of course! My favourite thing to make is mango cake. On my days off, I like to go Yum Cha with my family in Cityhall. I like to watch the aunties pushing the dim sum carts around. They all know me there and treat me well, I’m very popular. I also enjoy going to Disneyland; I like fairy tales because they make me happy.” 


「我喺香港出世同長大。我同爸爸媽媽住,大家好錫大家,仲會照顧大家。我好鍾意同媽咪煮嘢食 - 佢煮得好叻㗎!最喜歡嘅係芒果蛋糕。放假嗰時,我哋會一齊去大會堂飲茶。我鍾意見到推點心車嗰啲姨姨。佢哋個個都識我,對我好好㗎!迪士尼我都鍾意 - 啲童畫故事會令我覺得好開心。」

  “I love music and have been playing the piano for many years. I play classical music and have performed at a few concerts. I would like to learn to play the violin next. I am a happy person and I like to smile a lot. Do you like to smile too? You know, the more you smile the younger and more beautiful you look!” 

「我好愛音樂,彈鋼琴彈咗好多年喇。我多數會彈經典音樂, 仲試過喺幾個音樂會度表演。我依家想學埋小提琴。我成日都好開心㗎,鍾意笑。你鍾唔鍾意呀?你知嗎,笑得越多就越後生, 越靚!」

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