A storytelling campaign featuring caregivers, healthcare workers and beneficiaries of Helping Hand, a Hong Kong NGO with a mission to meet the changing housing, caring and other needs of elderly citizens. The #HandInHand campaign celebrates the tireless dedication of care workers and unique perspectives of the ageing community, a population that is often overlooked in our fast-changing society. 

Helping Hand’s objective is to meet the emerging housing, caring and other needs of our senior citizens as quickly, effectively and imaginatively as possible.


Care Home Resident  (護老院老友記)

“I am 107 years old and I’m the oldest resident at the Lok Fu Helping Hand Care Home. I came to Hong Kong from Dongguan in the 1940s, after the war. (...)


Care Home Nurse (護老院護士)  

”In my many years as a nurse, I’ve learnt the art of forgetting. We foster great relationships with our residents, but when they pass on, we cannot (...) 

Mr Lui 

Volunteer (老人之家義工) 

"Elderly people can sometimes be rebellious, stubborn and unreasonable - just like kids! But as I learned from my days as both a teacher and discipline master, (...)


Personal Care Worker (個人護理員) 

 “Elderly people have a lot of stories. They can also sometimes have a bit of a temper, but can very quickly get back to a good mood. Many people see this line of work (...)


Health Assistant (保健員)

”I’ve learned that stories are the best way to connect with our residents - they always stick. One time, I played the character Chang’e in the story of the Mid-Autumn (...)