Ho (豪 - “pride”)

Rubbish Collector (垃圾收集員)

Discovery Bay (愉景灣)

08:00-17:00 (8 hours)

“For the past nine years, I have been cleaning up rubbish at the Discovery Bay Plaza. I do the same route three times during my shift, emptying the fifteen big bins and  sweeping the pavements along the way to make sure that the place stays clean and tidy. I will then take all the rubbish to the refuse centre behind the Plaza. I haven’t always been doing this - I was a bamboo scaffolder for a few decades before I retired from the construction industry. My work now is not too stressful, but during the weekends I am busier as all the families and kids are out and about. I quite like it in Discovery Bay - it’s really peaceful and relaxed - and I even get a bit of a sea view!”

​​ 「我喺愉景灣廣場呢度收垃圾,做咗九年。我每一更會行三次呢條路線,清理15個大垃圾桶,沿路掃乾淨行人路,確保呢個地方乾淨整齊。之後我會將所有垃圾拎去廣場後面嘅垃圾站。我以前唔係做清潔嘅,退休之前我喺地盤搭棚搭左幾十年。而家呢份工冇話好大壓力,不過每逢星期六日就會忙啲,因為啲阿爸阿媽會帶小朋友出嚟玩。我幾鍾意愉景灣呢度呀,好靜好舒服,我仲有得睇吓個海景添!」

“I live in Sham Shui Po and it’s a whole different world from Discovery Bay! I live alone but for many years I lived with my big brother. He was 10 years older than me and I always looked up to him. But life takes unexpected turns. He got diagnosed with stomach cancer and passed away a couple of years ago. I still miss him every day - we were good friends and shared so many memories together. You need to treasure people around you and not take them for granted -  they don’t stay forever.”



“A lot of people pass through the DB plaza, it’s the centre of all the action. I recognise most of the residents but I don’t think they recognise me! Many people are either glued to their phones or distracted by their own thoughts. So not many people chit chat with me when I’m working. It would be nice to be acknowledged and sometimes hear a “hello” or “how are you?” when I’m doing the rounds! Little things can make a big difference.”   

「愉景灣廣場呢度好多人經過,係成個島嘅中心點。我認得大部份嘅住客,但係我唔覺得佢哋會認得我!好多人都係望住個電話,或者諗緊自己嘅嘢。所以我做嘢嗰陣冇乜人會同我講嘢。如果我做嘅嘢有人留意到,沿路有人同我講聲hello,你好嗎,真係幾好㗎 !講一小句已經好唔同。」



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