Tram  Motorman
( 電車車長)
Chung (“忠” - loyalty)  

Hong Kong island (香港島)

10:00 - 19:00


“Twenty-one years ago, I saw a recruitment ad in the newspaper for a tram motorman. What caught my eye were the words “no licence required” - so I decided to give it a go. Of course things have now changed and it is a basic requirement to have a licence to operate trams, but back then it wasn’t needed. So I attended 8 weeks of training to study theory and procedure, to learn about the machinery and how to operate the tram. And I’ve been working here since. Decades ago, a tram ride was 6 cents. Now so many years later, it is still just $2.60.”  

「廿一年前,我喺報紙見到一個招聘廣告,話請電車車長。我就係睇到六個字 -「無需駕駛執照」,令我想試一試。而家唔同哂啦 ,如果想揸電車一定要牌,不過嗰時唔需要。咁我就實習咗八個星期 - 學理論同程序,認識啲機器同點樣運作。咁就一路做到而家。幾廿年前,一程電車係六毫子,而家 咁多 年後,都只係兩個六。」

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“Trams are so uniquely Hong Kong. As a mode of transportation there is so much history that goes with it. Some parts of the machinery that we use on the trams are based on technologies that are over a century old. I grew up on Hong Kong island and have always had fond memories of riding the tram to kindergarten every day when I was a kid. Now I drive both passenger trams and tour trams. I prefer to drive the TramOramic tour trams, as it gives me the chance to really interact with passengers and to connect with them. I don’t take any public transport for my own commute - it is just a short walk to work for me. In my spare time, I like to take photographs - of people, of street scenes.” 

「電車係香港嘅特色。如果交通工具嚟講佢真係有好長久嘅歷史。有啲我哋用緊嘅機械科技都至少有成一百年歷史。我喺香港島大嘅,所以好記得細個日日坐電車返幼稚園嘅回憶。我而家就 客電車同觀光電車都揸。我比較鍾意揸觀光電車,因為多啲機會接觸到啲客人,同佢哋溝通。我自己返工就唔使搭車,行一陣間就到。我得閒嗰時鍾意影相 - 影人呀,影街景。」

“I recall a time when one of the tourists left their camera on the tram, and I ran two blocks to chase after him. I will never forget the expression on his face when I finally caught up with him - of pure surprise and joy. There was another time when I helped with a marriage proposal. The guy decorated the tram and rode it to the stop where his girlfriend was waiting before he proposed. It was pretty special. I also took the ex-footballer Zidane on a night tour back in 2018 when he visited Hong Kong. I think the tram is really one of the most unique ways to see and discover Hong Kong. I love to create memorable and happy experiences for my passengers - I find that to be the most fulfilling aspect of my job.” 

「我記得有一次有個遊客留咗部相機喺電車度,我跑咗兩個街口去追佢。我仲好記得佢個表情,又驚又喜,好難忘。又有一次我揸架電車幫個男仔求婚。佢佈置咗架車,同佢駛咗去佢女朋友等緊個站嗰度然後佢求婚。好特別。我 2018 年嗰時仲試過帶球王施丹去觀光,又同佢影相。我覺得坐電車睇香港真係最 獨特 嘅方法。我好鍾意令我啲乘客有開心難忘嘅回憶 - 係我做呢份工最有滿足感嘅。」

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