Taxi Seat Upholsterer

(的士坐椅皮匠師傅 )
Kwun (“坤” - earth)

Tai Hang (大 坑)
09:00 - 20:00


“I have been a taxi upholsterer for over 50 years. I’m originally from Zhongshan (中山), but moved to Hong Kong with my parents when I was 17 years old. I didn’t really know what to do back then, so I just decided to learn a trade. I buy the fabrics from Sham Shui Po and then make each taxi seat cover from scratch - it takes me about two hours per piece. Taxi drivers will come to me whenever they have ripped or damaged seats. I usually have stock ready so it only takes 10 minutes for me to replace the whole thing with a brand new leather cover.”   

「我做咗呢行五十幾年 。我 中山大嘅,十七歲嗰年跟阿爸阿媽落嚟香港。嗰時唔知做乜,所以搵行學師囉。啲布料我喺深水埗買嘅,然後就自己整啲椅套 - 大概兩個鐘做一件。啲的士司機車椅爛咗就會嚟搵我。我通常都有貨做起, 所以十分鐘就搞掂換好一個椅套。」

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“The name of my shop is “Wong Zai” (黃仔 - “Little Wong”), but now it really should be “Wong Bak” (黃伯 - “Uncle Wong”). I think I’m pretty much the only person still doing this on Hong Kong island. There are a few others in Kowloon. It’s a dying trade now; we are becoming extinct. Sometimes I take taxis myself and recognise my own work. I mean, if I’m the only guy doing it around here that’s not too difficult.” 




  “Every morning I will start my day at the same dim sum place. I’ll have my Chinese tea, some Har Gau (蝦餃) and Siu Mai (燒賣) before work. I don’t take any holidays. When there is work to do, I will do it. I’m pretty much here 7 days a week, except for when I am ill. I have never travelled abroad or taken an airplane. During my down time, I usually take naps or listen to the radio. I heard on the radio today that there will be heavy rain, so I wore my rain boots. I’m always prepared and I have everything, except for money. Am I a Buddhist? I believe in everything - Buddha, Jesus and myself!”

  「我每朝早都會去飲茶。飲完中國茶,食埋蝦餃燒賣,跟住返工。總之有嘢做我就會做。我通常一個禮拜七日都喺度,除非病咗。我未出過國又未坐過飛機。得閒嗰時我會瞓吓覺或者聽吓收音機。今朝聽到話落大雨所以我咪着水靴。我乜都有準備,乜都有,除咗錢!我係咪信佛?我乜教都信 - 信佛、信耶蘇同信自己「瞓教」!」


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