Man (敏 - “nimble”)

Convenience Store Cashier (便利店收銀員)

North Point (北角)

23:00-09:00 (10 hours)

“As people are just getting into bed, I’m starting my night shift stocking the shelves, clearing up expired goods and manning the cashier. I also like to keep the store clean and tidy. The newspapers get delivered between 3-5am, so I get those ready in time for the morning commuters. It’s always the most hectic during rush hour, when I’m just about to finish my shift - people pile in for their coffees, breakfasts and papers! Doing a night shift means that I need to pay attention to everything because I’m usually running the shop solo. I’m on my feet most of the time but it gets very quiet around 4am, so that’s when I take a little rest. You get some eccentric characters coming into the store in the early hours of the morning, but I also have lots of friendly regulars - it’s a mixed bag!”

​​ 「當大家落床瞓覺嘅時候,我就開始返工嘞,擺貨上架,清理過期貨同埋睇住收銀。我都會執乾淨整齊間便利店。報紙係半夜三點至五點送嚟嘅,所以我會執整齊佢哋,等朝早嚟返工嘅人買。返工時間永遠係最忙嘅,嗰時我嗰更差唔多完,啲人會一批一批入嚟買咖啡、早餐同埋報紙!返夜更我要留意好多嘢,因為我通常係自己一個睇舖。好多時我都係企喺度,不過去到四點左右就會靜啲,嗰時我咪坐低唞吓。清晨嘅時候,係會有啲好奇特嘅人行入嚟,但係我都識好多好友善嘅熟客啦,所以係咩人都有囉!」

“After my shift, I usually visit my dad in the morning at the elderly care centre. He’s in his seventies and living on his own so I try to go every day - to bring him some food and check up on him. I go to bed around 1pm to re-energise for the evening. I am quite an introverted person so I actually enjoy working the night shift when it’s so much quieter. It’s usually very peaceful and I haven’t had anything too crazy happen around here. One time, I rescued a little stray cat just outside the store - one of the regular customers eventually fostered it, which was nice. I’m normally quite tired by the end of the week so on my Saturdays off, I enjoy staying in and relaxing at home!”



“I think it’s important to live your life in a way that’s true to your principles and values. For me, honesty is a key value. I can be a bit of a softie and sometimes find it hard to set boundaries, but I’m learning. The recent years have caused everyone a lot of distress - people are feeling pressure from all fronts and can be short tempered or impatient with others around them. I hope that we can all learn to be more understanding and treat each other with respect. Life is easier and more pleasant that way. I have never travelled outside of Hong Kong and I often daydream of being on a plane. Once I get the chance - Korea and France are on the top of my list!” 




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