The Nest

07:30 - 16:30 

 “I’ve been a barista at The Nest for 7 years. Every morning, I get in bright and early to start my preparation work - I test and taste the espresso to make sure that it’s ready for the customers. It’s important to hit the very delicate balance of flavours; sweet, sour and bitter. Personally, my go-to coffee is a cappuccino. Whenever there is a bit of downtime at work, I like to hone my coffee-making skills. I practise my latte art and learn how to get the perfect texture of steamed milk. I like to keep my skills sharp. I would describe myself as confident, ambitious and, at times, witty - when I’m in the right mood. I am also hardworking and task-oriented. I love coming in to work every day and to keep busy. What I like most about working here are my colleagues, because they are also my good friends. I also have a lot of regular customers who come in just for my coffee. I’ve read somewhere that drinking coffee can increase longevity - not sure why, but maybe you can give it a try!” 

「我喺 The Nest 度做咖啡師做咗七年。我每朝早一返工就開始做準備功夫。我會試吓啲咖啡,預備客人嚟。要搵到甜、酸、苦味嘅平衡係好重要。我自己最鍾意嘅就係 cappuccino。工作時候冇咁忙嗰陣,我就會自己練習整咖啡,拉花呀,又或者研究點樣將啲奶做到最好嘅口感。我鍾意不停鍛鍊自己嘅技術。我會話我係一個有信心、上進心,同埋有時都會幾風趣嘅人。我好勤力同埋喜歡有目標。每日返工我都好開心 - 最鍾意嘅係我啲同事,因為佢哋都係我嘅好朋友。我都有好多熟客會特登過嚟飲我啲咖啡。唔知喺邊度睇到話飲咖啡可以長命啲 - 我唔知呀,不過你可以試吓! 」

“I was born and raised in Hong Kong and would call myself a British Hongkie. I grew up in Discovery Bay and take the ferry to commute to and from work every day. There’s nothing that I dislike about Hong Kong - I think it’s hard to say bad things about a place you call home. I often work on weekends at either Cafe 8 or The Nest, but on my days off, I like to help my family out with housework or I take the dog out for walks. I watch programmes on Netflix, documentaries, films...anything to keep my brain matter going. I also love to play ultimate frisbee with my friends in Victoria Park, although everything is shut these days with the social distancing rules, so we’ll just have to wait. I enjoy cooking as well and my all-time favourite cuisine is Thai - especially green chicken curry - isn’t it everyone’s?”

“Growing up, my favourite subjects at school were Maths and Physics. I like to be precise and meticulous; and I think these are qualities that I demonstrate in my work as well. I met my closest friend in primary school, but he lives in the Netherlands now. It’s hard to keep in touch with someone so far away, no matter how close you are to them. I plan to travel more and see more of Europe. My favourite holiday destination is Croatia - it is simply beautiful. I’ve heard that it’s where a lot of Game of Thrones was shot, but I have never seen it. You haven’t either? Given what I’ve heard about the disappointing finale, perhaps it was wise to not have invested our time!”

「我喺香港出世同長大嘅,會話自己係英國香港仔。我由細就喺愉景灣住,日日搭小輪返工。香港我冇咩嘢唔鍾意,其實好難講自己屋企壞話嘅。通常禮拜我都會喺 Cafe 8 或者 The Nest 度返工,不過我得閒嗰時就會喺屋企幫手做吓家務,帶隻狗去行街咁。我都鍾意睇吓電視 - 紀錄片呀,電影呀⋯⋯總之 keep 住大腦靈活啦。我又會同啲朋友喺維園玩飛碟 - 不過依家疫症冇得玩,唯有等吓囉。煮嘢食我都鍾意㗎,最正嘅就係泰國料理, 尤其是青咖喱 - 乜唔係個個人都鍾意咩?」

「讀書嗰時,我最喜歡嘅科目就係數學同埋物理。我鍾意啲嘢準確同細致 - 呢啲特點我返工做嘢時都會睇到。我最好嘅朋友係喺小學識嘅,不過佢依家喺荷蘭住。要同好朋友保持聯繫係好難嘅事,特別係如果佢哋離開咁遠,無論大家幾咁親密都好。我都打算去遊多啲歐洲。我去過嘅地方最鍾意嘅係克羅地亞 - 真係超靚。聽講話 Game of Thrones 好多係喺嗰度拍嘅,不過我冇睇過。你都冇?啲人話個結局比較令人失望,所以我哋冇嘥時間都可能係好事!」


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