Baker and Barista  (烘焙師/ 咖啡師)

The Nest Bakery

08:00 - 18:00

“I bake quiches and cakes at The Nest Bakery and I’m also the barista here. Prior to this, my first job was at Cafe 8 waiting tables. I prefer working at the bakery because when I bake and we get leftover chocolate cake, I get to eat it! Every morning, I get in and deliver our baked goods to all the other Nesbitt cafes. Then I prepare the quiches and other sweet treats, like banana bread or lemon tart. I’m also in charge of cooking the staff lunches. Usually I prepare chicken, vegetables and rice - no recipe, I just make it up! During lunchtime we take a break together and have a few chats over food - the staff lunches are always enjoyable.” 

「我係 The Nest Bakery 嘅整餅師傅同埋咖啡師。喺度做之前,我第一份工係喺 Cafe 8 度做侍應。不過我情願喺 bakery 做 - 因為如果有賣剩嘅朱古力蛋糕,我可以食埋佢!每朝早,我負責送貨去其他 Nesbitt Cafes。跟著我就會整糕點 - 好似香蕉蛋糕呀,檸檬撻咁。我仲每日都會準備員工午餐。通常會煮雞呀,菜同飯咁 - 冇跟食譜㗎,咪自己搞掂囉!放午飯嗰時大家都會唞吓,傾吓偈 - 都好開心㗎!」


  “My mum is from Essex and my dad is from Yorkshire, but I am from Hong Kong. Growing up, I hated going to school and particularly disliked Maths and PE. I remember once I accidentally slipped down some stairs and injured my ankle badly. I was in crutches and had no choice but to sit out PE classes for a couple of months - boy, was I pleased about that! I did always enjoy Food Technology though - I guess I like to create things from scratch with my hands.”

「我媽咪係英國 Essex 人,爸爸係 Yorkshire 人,不過我係香港人。細個嗰陣,我好憎返學,尤其係上數學同體育堂。記得有一次我跌咗落樓梯,整傷隻腳。兩個幾月要用拐杖, 冇得上體育堂 - 我都不知幾開心!我鍾意上家政堂 - 可能因為我鍾意用對手創造啲嘢出嚟啦。」

  “Mum is a great cook so when I’m at home I am lucky to not have to do much cooking. I’m the youngest of three boys and I’m very close to my brothers. We live in Stanley, so when I have some time off I like to go for walks around the area, or I go to the pool for a swim. Loud, noisy environments are generally not for me but I do enjoy listening to some good music. I’ve seen Green Day, Gorillaz and the Black Eyed Peas live - it was all pretty awesome.” 

「媽咪煮嘢食好叻,所以我喺屋企唔使點煮飯。我係三兄弟最細 - 我哋感情好好㗎。我住喺赤柱,得閒時會喺嗰頭行吓,又或者去泳池游水。嘈嘅地方就唔啱我喇,不過我都好鍾意聽音樂。我去過 Green Day, Gorillaz 同 Black Eyed Peas 嘅演唱會 - 真係好正。」


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