Baker (烘焙師)

The Nest Bakery

09:00 - 15:00

“I’m one of the bakers here at The Nest Bakery. This is where all the baked goods are created for the Nesbitt Centre cafes. Every morning, I get up and look forward to coming in to work, and I am excited by the mystery of the day - what will we be making today? I clock in, check the whiteboard to see what tasks are assigned to me, and then get going with baking! The best-selling cakes here are the chocolate cakes and cheesecakes. We also get orders for custom-made cakes. Some funny requests we’ve had in the past include Hello Kitty cakes, Animal Crossing cakes and golf ball name it!” 

「我係 The Nest Bakery 其中一個烘焙師 。所有 Nesbitt Centre 咖啡室嘅蛋糕都係呢度做嘅。每朝早起身, 我都好期待返工 - 今日我哋會整啲咩呢?我一上班就睇吓個白板有咩工作分配俾我做,然後我就開始焗蛋糕!呢度最好賣嘅就係朱古力蛋糕同埋之士蛋糕。我哋有時客人會有啲特別要求 - Hello Kitty 蛋糕啦,遊戲機人物蛋糕啦,高爾夫球蛋糕啦⋯乜都有!」


  “I was born in Mauritius but moved to Hong Kong when I was 7 years old; so Hong Kong is my home. I grew up in a family of great cooks and was exposed to baking from a young age - my grandmother and mother would make these fantastic Christmas cookies and soft, sweet Easter bread. I have been working in the F&B industry for a while now. My first job was at Subway making sandwiches, then I joined Cafe 8 and served tables there. Now I’m here working at The Nest Bakery almost every day. The wonderful smell of freshly baked goods never gets old for me.”

「我喺毛里求斯出世,七歲嗰時搬咗嚟香港 - 所以香港係我嘅屋企。我屋企有好多好廚師,細細個就成日見到人焗西餅。我婆婆同媽媽會焗聖誕曲奇啦,同埋又軟熟又香甜嘅復活節麵包。我喺飲食業都做咗一排喇,第一份工係喺 Subway 度整三文治,跟住就去咗 Cafe 8 做侍應。而家我差唔多日日都嚟 The Nest Bakery 度返工。每日聞到新鮮出爐蛋糕香噴噴啲味 - 一啲都唔會厭!」

  “I live in Yuen Long, it’s a lovely area full of great local eateries and shops - definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been. On my days off, I like to spend time with my family and we play board games and card games together. I also love to draw because I find it relaxing - I especially enjoy doing landscape drawings and portraits. When I was little, I wanted to become an artist or an animator. Although I also really enjoyed Home Economics in school so it makes sense that I am now a baker. It brings me joy to bake and to put something delicious together for people to enjoy. Food is love, right?” 

「我喺元朗住,  嗰度有好多地道小食同鋪頭仔 - 如果未去過咁就直得一遊。放假嗰時我會同屋企人玩吓遊戲咁。我都好鍾意畫畫,因為我覺得可以令我輕鬆啲 - 尤其是畫山水畫同人像。細個嗰陣,我嘅志願係做㙯術家或者動畫師。不過我讀書嗰時都好喜歡家政科,所以依家做整餅師傅都唔出奇。能夠整好味嘅蛋糕俾大家享受,真係帶俾我好多歡樂。食物係愛心嘛 - 唔係咩?」


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