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“I was a young girl when I arrived in Hong Kong in 2005 to work as a migrant domestic worker. I planned to work here for two years to fund my university education, but I ended up liking HK so much that I decided to stay! It was a shock to arrive in this city - I couldn’t speak Cantonese, wasn’t used to the cold winter weather and it was all very overwhelming. Luckily, I had a really kind employer - they were local Hongkongers and treated me like family. I worked with them for eight years and they supported me to take piano classes, computer classes and continue to learn new skills. I met my husband, an Indonesian pastor, and we got married in 2012. While I was supporting my husband to serve the Indonesian Ministry at our church, my friend told me about PathFinders and invited me to volunteer. I loved their mission from the start - I love kids, and their work to support pregnant migrant domestic workers is so meaningful. So I decided to give it a try!"



“I now work for PathFinders as the ambassador programme co-ordinator for the Indonesian community. We do outreach to educate fellow migrant workers about maternity rights, how to prevent unplanned pregnancies and communicate with their employers about early stage pregnancies. I get a lot of energy working with our amazing ambassadors! They choose to dedicate their one day off to empower fellow migrant workers and self-improve. One amazing example of how we work with our ambassadors is captured in the story of one of our clients who had an unwanted pregnancy due to a tragic incident which led to a legal court case. While coping with the immense stress, she was afraid to go home as her husband said that he would never accept the baby as his own. As she was about to return home, I worked with one of our ambassadors who happened to be in Indonesia at the time to visit the family. Through dialogue and communication, their relationship improved and the family now loves and accepts the baby. She still shares photos of her child with me and it brings me so much joy to see that she is now in a happy place."

”When I was ten years old, I left my parents’ home and moved to a different city for school. We were only allowed to return home once a year, and it was so painful to leave my family every time. I dream to one day open education centres for kids in more remote areas so that they don’t have to be separated from their families. With so many migrant domestic workers working abroad, who is looking after their kids back home? This resonates with the PathFinders mission that all children are valuable and deserve fair opportunities. To employers out there, if your domestic worker is pregnant, you can do two things: one is to be a good citizen and don’t do anything illegal like dismissing your pregnant worker, and two, be an angel. This means acting not out of obligation but out of the kindness of your heart. What any pregnant woman needs is non-judgemental support, kindness, and understanding that they are carrying new life!” 







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