Ms Wong | 黃姑娘  

10:00 - 19:00 

“Here at Silence, we support our community of 4000+ members in the deaf community through interpretation services, including at hospitals, law firms or even in family court. We organise activities, plays and events to engage the community, and provide hands-on courses to develop their technical skills and broaden career options for our community. I’ve been with Silence since it was founded over 16 years ago. My previous job was very different - I used to work at a bank! Every day on my way to work, I would come across a group of deaf people sitting in front of me on the bus. I would watch in awe as they communicated animatedly, and was inspired to learn to sign. Soon after, I joined a sign language course and began to offer my skills as a volunteer. Apart from my work at our centre, I also work as a sign interpreter on the TV news channels. It can be nerve wracking to translate technical jargon or complicated policies live on air, but I do enjoy it."



”People with hearing impairment can often experience emotional issues. They may feel like they have to suppress their feelings or are unable to fully express themselves. Some of them may feel excluded or discriminated against - leading to low self-confidence and fewer education or job opportunities. At Silence, we offer emotional support to our members and their families to give them a safe and open platform to express. It’s only been pretty recent since the deaf and hard of hearing community has felt empowered to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights. It’s the beginning of a long journey and I think there’s a lot to learn from systems abroad on how we can better support and include the deaf community."

”I really enjoy my work here, because it allows me to use my sign language skills - just like I had always wanted all those years ago! I really hope that through our work, we can encourage the general public to be more kind, caring and accepting of people with invisible disabilities. We will soon be hosting an experiential learning event to invite people to understand the day to day life of a deaf person living in Hong Kong. The aim is to build empathy and raise awareness of the challenges experienced by the deaf community day in day out, and promote greater understanding, inclusiveness and kindness through this experience. During the week, I’m usually pretty tired from work, so on Sundays I try to do something completely different to relax - I love to practise Chinese dancing and go hiking!”






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