Bo (寶 - “treasure”) 

Teen’s Key (青躍) 

09:30 - 18:30

“I have been an outreach worker at Teen’s Key since 2019. My outreach work involves me visiting young, vulnerable girls working in the sex industry at nightclubs and bars. It has been challenging to do these visits in the midst of COVID, but I also do regular outreach online through different social media platforms. I remember my first outreach visit at a nightclub, I felt so embarrassed and shy; I didn’t know where to look or what to say. Things have changed a lot and I feel totally at ease now in these situations - the bouncers know us, the girls know us. During our visits we would give the girls some basic health tests, leave some condoms, and try to engage and connect with them. My work has really brought out the value of compassion. To me, empathy and compassion should not exist only between people with the same values; true compassion is universal. There are good people and bad people in every industry and to me, sex work is the same as any other kind of work. Last year when we were handing out COVID supplies at the nightclubs, the girls expressed their concern and asked about our wellbeing and how we are coping. I felt so touched - true compassion goes both ways.” 



“My experiences here have really broken down stereotypes and assumptions. A lot of people assume that girls enter the sex industry because they are materialistic; but more often than not, girls are forced into the industry because of insecurities, external pressure and circumstances. We may all see what’s on the surface, but what’s underneath is so much more complex and nuanced. I have learned to cast away judgment and to listen openly. The girls that we work with are generally between 13-29 years old - an age group that falls squarely within the exploration stage; they are confused, lost and searching for their own identity. Sometimes the girls share stories of sexual harassment, abuse and aggressive behaviour. I try to stay strong when listening to these heartbreaking stories; because what they need is courage and someone to walk through these challenges with them. There has been a slight shift in mindset in Hong Kong in recent years, but there is still a lot of stigma around the topic of sex workers and sex generally. At Teen’s Key we are really working to mobilise this change in perspectives, and to influence and educate our society. We are currently an all girls power team of eleven, and we are like family!”

“I am 26 years old and I would not say that I am a very girly girl - perhaps because I grew up with a big brother! I don’t think girls should need to fit into a single mould or ideal or have to be a certain way. I studied Sociology at university, and have always been drawn to feminist topics. My first contact with Teen’s Key was as a teenage student, and I joined the organisation as a volunteer intern. I felt like the values and mission of the organisation really resonated with my own; and I have not looked back since. Every day at work, I just want to give the very best that I can to every girl that I meet. I would love to have the opportunity to visit other countries in Asia to learn more about what is being done in this space, and to use these experiences to drive positive change in Hong Kong. I don’t want to dream too big, but my hope is that our work can help our city to gradually accept this group of marginalised girls that we are serving; openly and with compassion.”



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