Ho Bun

Cafe 8

09:00 - 19:00 

“I’ve been working here at Cafe 8 for 6.5 years. I help out in the kitchen to make sandwiches, layer the lasagna, serve desserts and make coffee. I also help with washing dishes. A lot of the regular customers recognise me and I always enjoy having a chat with them when they visit. I am happy at work but on rare occasions when I get stressed, I just remind myself to take a 5 minute break - then I keep calm and carry on. I’ve met some very kind people here at Cafe 8 , colleagues and customers alike. I never get bored here and I like to be hardworking. What are the most popular dishes? The chicken and avocado wrap and the beef lasagna that I help to make, of course!” 

「我喺 Café 8 做咗六年半。我通常會喺廚房幫手整三文治、鋪千層麵、準備甜品同埋沖咖啡。我都會幫手洗碗。好多定期嚟幫襯嘅客人都認得我,佢哋嚟嗰陣,我都鍾意同佢哋傾下計。我平時返工都開心㗎,不過有啲時候都會有壓力,我會提自己抖返五分鐘,冷靜返,然後再嚟過。我喺 Café 8 呢度識到好好嘅人,同事啦、客人都有。我喺度做嘢從來唔會悶㗎,我鍾意俾心機做。最受歡迎嘅嘢食係咩?一定係雞肉牛油果卷,同埋牛肉千層麵﹗我有份幫手整吖嘛﹗」

“I was quite a naughty and active child; I used to run around everywhere. I grew up in a public housing estate called Model Housing Estate ( 模範邨) and attended a special needs school. I didn’t have many friends at school - as with anywhere there are always good people and bad people. Some of the other kids used to bully me or scold me for no reason. Then I joined IDEAL (the Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League) where I met a lot of friends through activities like arts and crafts. My first job as an 18 year old was at a photography studio where I helped to edit pictures, but that shut down because of the financial crisis in 1997. Nowadays, I not only enjoy working at Cafe 8 , but I also enjoy my commute to work. I take the Star Ferry to cross the harbour every day - the sea view and the skyline is just so beautiful.”

“I like to be outdoors and in nature. At Cafe 8 , I sometimes help with picking herbs from the terrace to use for our cooking or in drinks. On my days off, I play computer games, read the news and watch TV. I particularly enjoy watching medical programmes - I find the topics fascinating and I like to learn. I also love going to the library to read magazines about technology. Although due to the virus, the library has been shut for a long time; I really hope to be able to go again soon. Growing up, I played the piano for 14 years, but then I stopped because it got too expensive. I really enjoyed playing music, it helped me to manage my stress and to keep calm. I am very close to my parents and I am lucky that they take care of me so well. We go on holidays together; last year we went to Moscow and St Petersburg - it was a fantastic trip.”

「我細個嘅時候都幾百厭,成日四圍跑。我喺一條叫做『模範邨』嘅公屋屋邨長大嘅,喺一間特殊學校度返學。我喺學校冇咩朋友,度度都係㗎喇,有好嘅人,都有唔好嘅人。有啲細路會蝦我或者鬧我,都冇咩特別原因。之後我去咗勵智協進會,參加咗佢哋嘅活動,好似手工藝班咁,喺嗰度我識咗好多朋友。我第一份工係18歲嗰陣,喺間影樓度幫手執相,不過因為97年金融風暴,就做唔住了。而家呢,我唔單止鍾意喺 Cafe 8 返工,仲好享受返工放工嗰陣,可以搭天星小輪過海,望住個海港同埋啲高樓大廈,真係好靚。」

「我都幾鍾意喺戶外同埋大自然嘅。我喺 Cafe 8 有時會去平台度摘啲香草,用喺我哋嘅食物同飲品度。放假嗰陣,我會打機、睇新聞同埋睇電視。我特別鍾意睇啲醫學節目,我覺得好有趣,我好鍾意學嘢。我都好鍾意去圖書館睇科技雜誌,雖然因為個疫情,圖書館已經好耐冇開。好希望可以快啲有得再去。我由細到大都有彈琴,彈咗14年,後來因為學費太貴所以停咗。我都好享受玩音樂,佢可以幫我減壓同埋平靜落嚟。我同阿爸阿媽嘅關係好好,我好幸運,有佢哋照顧得我咁好。我哋會一齊去旅行,上年我哋去咗莫斯科同埋聖彼得堡,成個旅程都好正㗎。」


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